Comedian Launches His Own Cryptocurrency, BretCoin

Bret Raybould is many things: stand up comedian, jazz impresario, podcast host, and now…  he’s a cryptocurrency.  That’s right. The TikTok famous comic known for his hour special “Bret Raybould Retires From Comedy” (watch here) just launched BretCoin, officially making him the World’s First Publicly Traded Comedian. He started withContinue Reading

Cryptocurrency has been booming in the pandemic. This has caused the price floor of major coins to be more volatile than they have ever been which has had a huge impact on global finance. The pandemic robbed people of their jobs and some have received pay cuts and this hasContinue Reading

Gen-Earth, A Platform for NFT Blockchain with Virtual Land

Gen-Earth is a platform that provides users various “value investment experiences” and “metaverse-based blockchain” to give opportunities. And they are explaining a metaverse of user-generated digital virtual environments that users can own, buy, sell, and develop through the Gen-Earth White Paper. Gen-Earth is one of the best property simulation systemsContinue Reading