TradeStars Announces Mainnet Launch June 28th

  TradeStars provides the next generation trading in fantasy sports by tokenizing real-world sports stars, allowing players to trade, invest and compete based on their performance against one another. NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2021 /TradeStars, the innovative Blockchain-powered fantasy sports trading game, is pleased to announceContinue Reading

Deeper Community combines blockchain, community safety, and sharing economic system to create the worldwide peer-to-peer community Deeper Community Inc, the decentralized web infrastructure for Net, is asserting the launch of an IPO. The IPO might be issuing limited-edition NFTs that signify fairness subscriptions. These NFTs signify an ideal alternativeContinue Reading

The crypto house continues to supply a fertile floor for the proliferation of various fraudulent schemes. Since laws on this digital house will be difficult and time-consuming to execute, Ponzi-schemes like Crypto Unit continues to exist. Little doubt, first rate corporations offering real providers on the blockchain with out contraveningContinue Reading