Polkadot, an interoperability project, has launched a nearly-complete version of its blockchain after three years of development. Key Takeaways Polkadot’s first “chain candidate” went live this week. This stage prepares the network for staking and validator nodes. Polkadot’s DOT token is not yet in general circulation. Share this article PolkadotContinue Reading

Zilliqa’s future has, for better or worse, always been defined by Ethereum’s trajectory. In many ways, though, Zilliqa has found ways to quickly resolve the growing pains of the number two blockchain network. Key Takeaways Zilliqa has made a strategy of following Ethereum and adding improvements like scalability. Since CryptoKitties,Continue Reading

CipherTrace’s tracking tool, Armada, will help banks better monitor crypto activity. Though such a service will protect financial institutions, it could have serious implications for crypto enthusiasts. Key Takeaways CipherTrace offers banks a suite of new AML and KYC tools to better monitor crypto activity. U.S. regulators already have identifiedContinue Reading