If you’re currently in the lookout for an online trading platform, have you considered the merits of Trade360? The CySEC regulated broker allows you to buy, sell, and trade heaps of asset classes. This includes the likes of stocks, currencies, indices, ETFs, and commodities.You can view what your fellow Trade360Continue Reading

Zilliqa’s future has, for better or worse, always been defined by Ethereum’s trajectory. In many ways, though, Zilliqa has found ways to quickly resolve the growing pains of the number two blockchain network. Key Takeaways Zilliqa has made a strategy of following Ethereum and adding improvements like scalability. Since CryptoKitties,Continue Reading


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bankex review

A large number of financial concerns are showing their interests in tokenizing aspects nowadays with respect to the tremendous growth of the cryptocurrency market. Bankex is one such financial marketplace dealing with cryptocurrencies This platform handles the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), and SALT and more. ItContinue Reading