CreataChain and its Use Cases

The feats blockchain can achieve are numerous allowing a mass blockchain adoption, starting from enterprises. Businesses lack blockchain interoperability solutions which bar them from availing the benefit of increased scalability. Businesses have been restricted from sharing confidential data across distinct blockchains which have their own governance and structures. CreataChain is set to overcome the challenges of scalability, interoperability and security. Integration and application of Create Chain in the businesses will prove to be a beneficial move for many reasons. The CreataChain network is expanding and within it is engulfing a community that is reliable and stronger.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is one of the most popular blockchain applications since cryptocurrency. In recent years, they have risen and have taken the world by storm. NFTs are simply digital items, like art, music, videos, etc., which are sold on a blockchain. They ensure the sole owner full rights over the item through smart contracts. CreataChain will help in exploring this craze of NFTs giving a chance to buyers to own digital art and culture that will outlive everyone. CreataChain offers development of NFT marketplace where buyers have the opportunity to become owners of digital content from their favorite influential person. Buyers have the opportunity to own collectible moments, videos and GIFS. CreataChain will help users to create, track and exchange digital assets, and will become one of the go to sites for buyers and sellers for NFT assets.

CreataChain can allow users to auction off anything on the application that is built for them. The ICP can help hold the auctioned asset and the Arch Chain can help manage the bids associated on the platform. The ecosystem will help sellers to create auctions for their desired product or asset. CreataChain will help define the ownership of the asset and allow a withdrawal process for any exchange that occurs on the platform. CreataChain will create an auction-based application that will attract global followers with its secure, compatible and scalable features.

DApps are built atop a blockchain, these are peer-to-peer (P2P) networks that act as an operating system. DApps created on CreataChain will be innovative open-source software that will be secure and resilient to the core. CreataChain’s SDK will allow developers to create new online tools which can pique the interest of global markets. These dApps can be built by small and large businesses on CreataChain’s ICP to track and trace transactions, and enable cross-border financial transactions without having the need of a middleman to perform the task. CreataChain is promoting an open standard for a secure, decentralized data system that validates information quickly. In short, CreataChain offers secure access to data feeds, APIs and payments.

Blockchain was pioneered by Bitcoin, and with the passage of time cryptocurrency applications are exploding in popularity, which facilitates transfer of tokens. Blockchain is a popular solution in the finance sector because of the money and time it can save for companies of all sizes. CreataChain can help build tools and applications to monitor the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Chainalysis builds tools to help financial institutions and governments monitor the exchange of cryptocurrencies. CreataChain’s diligent software will monitor and detect any fraudulent activities that might occur, and build a trustworthy relation with the users. CreataChain’s investment and money transfer platform is compatible enough to feature multiple cryptocurrencies and carry out trading with different blockchains.

Blockchain can solve many of the problems that are plaguing logistics and supply chain management. CreataChain can help create the supply chain platform that runs on blockchain. CreataChain can help businesses to safely monitor the progress of their shipped goods, house information on drivers and materials, and also manage payments. CreataChain can also feature smart contracts processing and secure document management. CreataChain acknowledges data sources and can build greater trust within the industry. The CreataChain ecosystem can also make the logistics process leaner and more automated, saving the sector a great amount of money. CreataChain is a safe cost-effective solution for the supply chain industry.

Blockchain is at its initial stage in healthcare but it is already showing promising results. The CreataChain ecosystem is poised to become part of this industry to help reduce potential healthcare costs, improve access to data across hospitals, doctors, patients, government and researchers. With the CreataChain the medical history and records will be securely accessible. The ICP will help doctors and patients to be in constant communication even if they are part of different blockchains, diagnosis and payment will take place quickly and safely. CreataChain will help create an advanced system for collection and sharing information safely to lower the costs of an already bloated sector.

CreataChain is an ecosystem that has brought together businesses under one roof, connecting them and building a stronger community. These are only the few industries that CreataChain has plans for but there are many industries and organisations that will become part of the grand scheme. CreataChain is safe and one of the most compatible ecosystems of blockchain with features that only add to the advancement of the whole technology. Announces the NFT Entertainment Financing Platform and the Launch of the First Project Previous post Announces the NFT Entertainment Financing Platform and the Launch of the First Project
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