Heartrate Strategic Partnership: Gearing Towards a Better Future

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Heartrate has formed a strategic alliance with Exercise is Medicine, Wellshare International, and Bridge of Life after a successful first year of operation.

The goal of these collaborations is to expand our pool of knowledge, expertise, and resources so that we can create better products and reach a wider audience. All of this, combined with 360-degree feedback, has the potential to propel our project to new heights while also enhancing its ethos.

What Benefits will Heartrate Derive from Each of these Partnerships ?

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine (EIM), a global health project run by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), seeks to standardize physical activity evaluation and promotion in clinical treatment by tying health care to resources for people of all ages and abilities.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are urged by EIM to incorporate physical activity into care plans and to direct patients to programs that are supported by the latest research and are run by certified exercise practitioners. EIM is devoted to the idea that physical activity encourages optimal health and is essential to the prevention and management of various diseases.

It’s simple to overlook an essential aspect of immune system health while we deal with the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: exercise!

With this initiative, Heartrate as a platform makes sure that you get paid for engaging in physical activity in addition to enjoying it and staying fit.

Since the introduction of Web3 has brought about a new paradigm for earning money, the Move-to-Earn (M2E) idea that Heartrate is based on is rather straightforward. With the aid of NFTs, native tokens, a blockchain environment, and a device that can measure movement, M2E projects tokenize physical activity or exercise (e.g., a smartphone or a wearable like a smartwatch or fitness tracker).

Through this partnership, Heartrate will be able to access and use extended scale benefits that can aid with process streamlining, cost reduction, innovation, and generating value for its token, resulting in a wave of awareness and bringing home a win-win for both projects.

WellShare International

WellShare International collaborates with communities and healthcare providers to develop, carry out, and assess health programs that cater to the needs of each population we serve.

Driven by a dedication to sustainability, a desire to empower through education, and a focus on accountability. Wellshare International positions itself with a possibility to minimize health inequities and provide community members the knowledge and support they need to take control of their own health through this life-changing effort.

This enviable partnership is timely and important since Heartrate places a high priority on health promotion and helps communities, organizations, and people deal with and address health concerns.

To achieve this, incentives for physical activity are created, and community action and individual abilities are strengthened.

Bridge of Life (BOL)

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent public charity established by DaVita Inc., is a global nonprofit organization aiming to improve healthcare globally via enduring initiatives that combat and prevent chronic illness.

Bridge of Life aspires to a world in which every person has access to high-quality healthcare.

Through training and education, we try to empower local staff, community health workers, and patients to alter healthcare in a lasting way.

Training is essential in health and social care to ensure the safety of those receiving and providing care, as well as to maintain high standards of care quality. Training would help to instill the necessary behaviors, attitudes, skills, and knowledge to provide high-quality, safe, person-centered care.

It is clear what this collaboration will do for both projects through Heartrate Healthverse, which includes Outdoor mode, In-Home Mode, and Ladder Tournament. Heartrate pioneered the concept and model of H2E (Health to Earn), connecting virtual and reality, on-chain and off-chain, via smart sport band NFT assets, therefore making earning while exercising a reality.

Move to Earn games reward users for engaging in real-world activities such as walking, jogging, or participating in sports. In app ecosystems or NFT games, these physical efforts and performances are rewarded with tokens or cryptocurrencies. That is essentially what Heartrate will provide to each user.


These strategic alliances will benefit both parties and may result in long-term profits. This will enable all parties to join forces to broaden their brand’s reach and add value in order to raise brand awareness and build brand trust. This will ensure our long-term stability and increase its relevance for a long time, allowing us to meet our objectives.

These collaborations will help to grow our community by bringing in new members, increasing the value of our $HTR token. All of this will result in greater access to knowledge, innovation, expertise, and community building.

Many people looking into move-to-earn games are, understandably, looking for one thing   to turn a profit from their physical activity. This helps to maintain the market value and ensure the move-to-earn rewards. 

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