Introducing IMC- The World’s First Quantitative Ecosystem Building Its Metaverse

IMC, an AI-based quantitative ecosystem, is set to accelerate plans to launch its metaverse, as it seeks to expand its ecosystem further.

July 23, 2022– IMC, primarily recognized as a platform for quantitative investments, plans to expand its ecosystem by integrating IMC GameFi, NFTs, and on-chain social value ecology. The Metaverse concept was first introduced in the science fiction book Snow Crash in 1992. Its recent increase in popularity suggests that the possibility of the Metaverse taking the place of our current reality is getting closer.The metaverse will serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, with digital transfer and survival constituting the primary means of human survival in the future. 

In IMC’s metaverse, a networked virtual world, users can create, work, play, and transact in a fully functional economy that rivals the real world. The three elements of the IMC metaverse ” Metaspace ” would be IMC GameFi, ensuring the IMC community has the most fun possible in the metaverse and creating a way for active community members to make passive income. In its metaverse, IMC also uses cutting-edge technology, such as AI, cloud computing, big data, and machine technology. In-game NFTs would also be incorporated into the IMC metaverse, giving players access to in-game avatars and other accessories to improve the overall gaming experience. 

IMC is a well-known global investment management firm focusing on alternative investments. The company was founded in 2013, the same year co-founder Reid Bloom filed a patent application for a system utilizing artificial intelligence and transaction learning.

IMC’s quantitative income system has already changed the game regarding how passive income is perceived and attainable in the DeFi sector. Users of the income system have found both the static and dynamic income systems to be very helpful during this bear market. Your income is determined by the amount of money and time you invest; the more you invest and the longer you invest, the more passive income you will have. The IMC income system consists of four different investment cycles, with the time lag and passive income between each cycle varying according to the user’s selection of the investment cycle. Every hour, the system will calculate the income, which can either be reinvested or withdrawn at any time.

It is important to note that users must make a minimum investment of 100 USDT before they can start investing. Users can band together to form teams; depending on the team’s overall capital volume, that team will be given a specific VIP level. The team advances to VIP2 when the capital volume is between 20,000 USDT and 100,000 USDT, and so on. VIP1 is the first level, where the capital volume is between 100 USDT and 19999 USDT. The team can advance to the next level once the capital volume reaches a predetermined level, and users can take advantage of the income associated with that level (for example, VIP2 is 7 percent, VIP3 is 10 percent).

You can get in touch with IMC  through the following channels for more details on the IMC ecosystem and its metaverse, Metaspace:





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