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In this fast-evolving digital world,  rising crypto finance has brought so many new changes in digital finance. It is now one of the coolest digital evolution and has been set out in the entertainment mediums to gather potential paths for futuristic entertainment. Crypto finance can be seen in many different platforms on the internet along with new digital transaction systems. The exclusively modern financial system has been added in many online-based casinos to offer the veteran gamblers something new to explore and to impress the new age gamblers thoroughly. And the internet is now booming with new online-based casinos that support the modern system. Among hundreds of crypto-based casinos online, it is undoubtedly tough to find secure platforms that allow you to safely enjoy gambling with your crypto funds. There are many elements that all these platforms must contain to offer an unadulterated gambling experience to the mass crowd. In this article, you will find out how one crypto-based online casino named CryptoGames has fulfilled all the criteria to become the ultimate fun spot for splurging Cryptocurrencies.

Behind the Casino

Consistently providing a top-class crypto wagering experience to its users, CryptoGames has set many standards for online gambling through the use of the latest systems. Along with the latest cryptocurrencies on board, it comes with an excellent variety of curated games, state-of-the-art features, and thoughtful wagering policies to bring out the best from its players. The crypto gambling website has now become the number one choice for beginner and advanced-level crypto gamblers. It is currently being operated by MuchGaming B.V which is based in Curacao city. At the casino, you will find yourself any one of the ten different cryptocurrencies which can be deposited, withdrawn using fast and reliable transaction systems. Before we dive more into the offerings of CryptoGames, take a look at the true gem of the casino, the games they offer.



In a completely modern and well-defined crypto version, Dice appears at the very top of the list of games at the casino. It is the very first game the casino directs you to and is one of the easiest games to explore the strategies with. Much like how the traditional version of the game goes, Dice at the casino is played with great winning possibilities. At CryptoGames, the winning possibility of Dice ranges from 0.000 to 99.999. In Dice, you have to predict the outcome of the game. To predict the outcome, you will be given two numbers to choose from. You have to guess whether your bet will result in lower or higher than the given numbers. If you think it will be higher then you will let your dice “roll above” the given number and if not, then choose to “roll lower” than the given number. Before you roll your dice, make sure to choose a suitable bet size and amount according to your funds and expertise.



If a spinning Roulette wheel seems thrilling to you then check out the European Roulette at CryptoGames. With a lucrative design, the game comes on the website with a great payout table that matches American Roulette’s payout. The version offered at CryptoGames also brings you a highly lucrative house edge for all your bets on the game. This means every win will secure a great payout for you. You will play this game on a spinning wheel of 37 numbers and a 0. By using the betting chips, make sure you place all your bets on the betting mat. If it is your first time playing the game, you can look out for the guiding presets on the game’s page. The 4 predetermined settings will place the betting chips for you. You can choose what type of preset you want for your bets.


The visual of this game is more than enough to bring the ambiance of an actual casino right to your screen. The smooth design of the Slot machine makes sure you get to enjoy the game at any time. The objective of the game is pretty simple for beginners. Before you begin, set your bet’s size or amount just as you would do for the other games and hit spin. Then the Slot machine will spin for a certain amount of time and then go on to display a line of various and or the same symbols. You will find 5 different symbols on the 5 reels. And 7 different winning combinations formed with the symbols. If your result matches any of the winning combinations out of the 7, then your bet is a winning bet. Since it doesn’t matter how your symbols come on the middle row, you get a good chance to win every time you place a bet.



The most recently created game on the website of CryptoGames is Keno. It is the 10th game that the casino has curated for its players. Many consider Keno to be a lottery-style game. Its crypto version is finely crafted with unique visuals and an entertaining objective. Keno is an extremely lightweight game that is played to pick lucky numbers from a poll of 40 numbers. The players are compensated based on the number of correct guesses they have made from the poll. This means, that if they can predict the numbers properly then they will be able to score rewards based on the payout multiplier assigned for the numbers.



While some know the game as 21, the game of Blackjack is one of the true classic casino games to exist in the modern gambling scenario. The game has been entertaining gamblers as a thrilling card game with simple rules. In this banking game, CryptoGames has added clear guidelines that any beginner can follow. It comes with a simple yet tricky objective, where you must beat the dealer you are playing against without crossing 21 points. This means as soon as either one of you goes over 21, the game will end there and the player crossing the total will lose. This crystal-clear objective helps the players to think more cautiously while they deal or double down. To make sure they don’t cross the limit they can also choose to split or surrender their hand. Also if in case any one of the players gets 21 points from the drawing of the first 2 cards then they will win immediately.


This one is a famous game of chances which was televised in the 80s. Plinko is a classic entertaining game of luck that was first televised in the game show, The Price is Right. Where the game was played on a pegged pyramid. The game’s concept of the game stays the same in CryptoGames. However, in the crypto version, the bottom slots reward the players with cryptocurrencies. The total amount of reward after each winning drop depends entirely on the slot, the color of the ball chosen by the player, and the payout table. This means for each one of the four balls you get in the game will carry its house edge and payout multiplier. To make the game visually attractive, the pegged pyramid shows four different colored rows of slots and a multiplier. Since there are 4 different house edges for the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green balls, you can choose and switch to any one of them during the game.

Video Poker

There is nothing more classic than playing Poker games at casinos for a true gambling experience. Taking that to mind, CryptoGames has added the ultra digital game of Video Poker in its system. The game does not only come with its classic concept but also brings three other variants for everyone to check out. These variants are called Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better. Along with the average house edge, Video Poker also offers 3 individual house edges for each of its variants. Like Blackjack, Video poker also challenges the players to think more about the calculations while forming strategies. This allows all levels of players to enjoy the thrill of card games of luck. To make the game a bit more flexible, CryptoGames has added the feature called “Smart Hold” for the players. With the use of this feature, new players will be able to build a supposedly winning hand with the cards dealt to them. By the end of the game if a player forms a winning hand with the 5 cards then they will win a payout according to the payout table and the house edge.


A completely new version of Dice comes in the most lucrative digital form ever. DiceV2 has been designed with an objective that remains close to the original version, Dice. The new version of the game can be won by correctly predicting the outcome of your dice. The catch here is that your prediction must accurately land the dice inside a green zone. If your dice land outside the green zone, you will lose the bet and the entire amount. Much like Dice, you have to two from two options in here. Whether to roll over or under the amounts will depend on you. By moving the slider left and right you will be able to check your winning possibility against the payout multiplier you have set. The redesigned model will show you higher winning chances against lower payout multiplier and lower winning chances for high payouts. DiceV2 also allows you to participate in the Progressive Jackpots.



If you are a 90s computer user then seeing Minesweeper at a crypto-based casino will surely leave you in awe. In CryptoGames, the game has been designed in a perfectly modern layout. The layout of the game shows a 5/5 minefield where the players turn the tiles or “click on the boxes”. These tiles will have no flags or hints to indicate the hidden mines. Each player gets to choose the difficulty level for the minefield on their own. Although the game seems to be a hit or miss with no hints to aid the players, it brings about a unique detail for everyone. In Minesweeper, you can choose to withdraw your earnings from the game any time during the game. However, the only condition for it is that you can only do so if you haven’t hit on any mine up to that moment. This means, if you have turned as many tiles as possible without hitting a mine, you can simply cash out and leave the game. Or start playing with different bet settings.


One of the oldest forms of playing the games of luck is the drawing of Lottery tickets. Nothing beats the anticipation it offers to the ticket buyers. From time to time the game has evolved into a classic for gambling. There is no rule for Lottery throughout the ages. That is why CryptoGames has added this top game to its platform. With any one of the 4 different cryptocurrencies available for the game, you can participate in the weekly draws with as many tickets as you want. Although you can buy any number of tickets, there’s a limited number of tickets offered per round. The lots are processed and drawn without any biased alteration. And any player can verify the results of their bets from the betting results displayed on the game’s page. After each purchase, the number of available tickets and the countdown timer for the draw are updated. This means you can also calculate your winning chances from the details.

Exclusive Jackpots Available

As we have mentioned above, CryptoGames offers 2 other games along with Dice to host progressive jackpots in the design. These progressive jackpots allow the players to build up more anticipation during their game time. If met with all the conditions then each bet placed can be checked for the jackpot rewards. At CryptoGames, currently, Roulette, Dice, and Dicev2 are the games that offer a range of 1% to 100% wins for the jackpots. This means you can win a minimum of 1% reward to a maximum full amount of rewards that is 100%.

Unbiased Result Processing

Since the fairness of bet results is always a matter of concern for many, a lot of potential gamblers back out from enjoying the digital experience of gambling. This goes on to show how transparency is one of the most important elements to look out for in a casino. And that is exactly why CryptoGames has become one of the highly reliable gambling platforms offering 100 percent transparency for the players’ bets. They have taken several honest measures to process the results of each bet placed at the casino. For example, in the game of Lottery, each ticket drawn every week is selected through a third-party application named RandomPicker. This application ensures that all the results of the game are fair and unadulterated. Along with that, to run as a provably fair casino, CryptoGames allows every single user to check the previous betting history, results with hashes.

Enjoy More Rewards

Faucet and Referral Programs:

To add more rewards to the users’ funds, the casino has been offering multiple rewarding features, events for the players to participate in. The casino had always offered seasonal events that rewarded the players on many different occasions. To upgrade that rewarding concept, the casino now offers modernized rewarding systems like the faucet, rainbot, promotional events, and the biggest online gambling contest for the players. Their idea of giving out more rewards in creative ways has set up the bar for many other online casinos. The play currency that the players use on the website for free can be earned through the Faucet. Every day the player will be able to request rewards in the form of PlayMoney. The faucet upon a request, hands out PlayMoney to the players. The number of times a player may request rewards will depend on the player levels. One can increase their player levels by chatting with other players through the chatbox and contributing to building the community. On top of that, the referral programs are a way to ensure guaranteed rewards for the players. Every time a player refers CryptoGames to a new potential player, they get a chance to earn 15% of the house edge from every bet placed by their referred players.

Rainbot and VIP membership:

Apart from these two, there is Rainbot and VIP membership that add more to the rewards sent to your account. Just as your player level increases through the contribution you make on the website, you increase your chances to win rewards from the Rainbot. To encourage all the players to be active in the casino, it gives out cryptocurrencies in small amounts as rewards. Alongside that, you will find highly competitive monthly betting events on the website for VIP memberships. This is another example of how CryptoGames engages its users in healthy competitions all year long. VIP memberships are worth all the strategic planning and neck-to-neck competitions. For an entire month, the winners get to relish more advantages on their bets and higher rewards.

Quick Sign-Up System

If you have backed out on registering at gaming websites because of their dreadfully long sign-up procedures then rest assured that CryptoGames will change your mind completely. At this casino, you do not have to provide any personal or financial information at the beginning of the sign-up. Unlike any other casino where you have to pay first to enter, CryptoGames has made sure that you only deposit your funds when you have explored the casino well enough. And to ensure that, CryptoGames allows the players to sign up with just a username. While they create an account, new players must agree to all the terms and rules of the casino. Once they sign up on the website, they will be given access to the play currency, PlayMoney. Using this they will be able to explore 8 games available. The only exception, in this case, would be Lottery where you need actual cryptocurrencies to buy the tickets. This thoughtful consideration makes sure that the players are well aware of the architecture of the casino, and how crypto or modern gambling works. If anyone is well confident in spending on the modern medium of entertainment then they can fill up the necessary information to complete the full registration and get access to the transaction system right away.

Cryptocurrencies to Choose From

Offering 10 different types of cryptocurrencies for the games, the casino opens up a financial system that is highly flexible. The list of cryptocurrencies you will get to choose from includes the following:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash


To deposit, withdraw or exchange any one of these given cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames has built conveniently different systems for the users. While both deposits and exchanges have traditional and new systems to offer to the players, withdrawals of funds can be done through the regular method. Both these methods will be available all the time for both new and regular users. To deposit or withdraw funds in the regular/traditional way, you must create a deposit or withdrawal address at the Deposit Tab. This also applies to the exchange option; where clicking on the Exchange Tab at Your Account, will offer the players to exchange from and to any of the cryptocurrencies available on the casino. And as the modern system is considered, more details on the credit card deposit option via Onramper and crypto exchanges through ChangeNow can be found at the game’s website.

CryptoGames Guarantees a Secure Gambling Experience for All

With high security to back up all financial transactions, CryptoGames is looking out for its players at all times. The casino integrated  Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption architecture to protect every users’ data and funds. The multiple layered security measures have been one of the key elements that novice gamblers now look for in any casino. Their taken methods will provide complete security constantly for the account holder. Alongside this, the respectful environment that the community has built inside the casino is something that makes all the players be at ease whenever they visit the website. On top of that, CryptoGames has made sure that the players remain its first and foremost priority by offering great gambling policies. Each of their policies hints towards responsible gambling thoroughly for all fervent players. So for any new and curious gambler, CryptoGames is undeniably the best gambling platform that offers high-value secure entertainment every day.

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