SunMiner Enhances Cloud Mining Accessibility and Options

London, United Kingdom, January 01, 2024 — Sunminer, a cloud mining services provider, announced plans to expand globally in order to enhance cloud mining accessibility and options for its global user base. With more than 9,550,000 global users, Sun Miner has been a significant contributor to the cloud mining industry since its founding in March 2019. Sun Miner is known for simplifying the cryptocurrency mining process, catering to a wide range of users, from novices to experienced miners.

Sun Miner provides a variety of mining contracts to accommodate different investment preferences. These contracts, including options like Bitcoin Promotional Hashrate and BTC Free Hash Power, are tailored to suit various investment levels and risk tolerances. They offer clear terms regarding fixed incomes, daily profits, and regular settlements.

The company’s hash power marketplace features high-quality mining equipment such as the Antminer S19 XP Hydro and M60. The various contracts offer different terms and profitability options, providing flexibility for users.

Inclusivity and accessibility are central to Sun Miner’s approach. The team, consisting of experienced investment professionals and IT experts, supports users at every stage of their mining journey. This commitment ensures that even beginners can effectively engage in cloud mining.

The company offers an easy entry into cryptocurrency mining, with a simple sign-up process and a US$10 registration bonus for new members. Sun Miner also promotes its community’s growth through a referral program, rewarding users with a 3% bonus for each successful referral.

Sun Miner’s affiliate program offers additional earning opportunities, allowing users to earn up to a 3% lifetime commission with no initial investment required. This program has no cap on referral numbers, enabling users to potentially build their own successful mining businesses.

About Sun Miner

Founded in March 2019, Sun Miner has established itself as a leader in the cloud mining industry. The company has made cryptocurrency mining more accessible globally, with a focus on utilizing the latest technology and providing exceptional customer support. Sun Miner’s expansive user base reflects its position as a preferred choice in the cloud mining sector.

To delve deeper into what SunMiner has to offer, visit the official site:

The SUN miner app can be easily downloaded by searching for “SUNminer” in the Google App Store (click to download) or the Apple Store.

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Company Name: SunMiner

Founder: Sun Aileen

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